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Toy Box / Buckboard Bench

24"H x 16.5"D x 40"W
The toy bench is designed with a safety latch so it is safe for children. It is also useful when the child is past the toy stage for storage of mittens, gloves, etc.

Trash Bin

26.5"H x 16"W x 14"D
"AL" Step Stool

36"H x 10"W x 13"D
Magazine Stand

22.5"H x 33"W x 15"D

Oak Tall Jelly Cupboard
23.5"W x 49"H x 14"D

Oak Small Jelly Cupboard
23.5" W x 32"H x 14"D

2-Door Jelly Cupboard
39"W x 56"H x 15"D

Oak 2 Door Pie Safe with Drawer
35 1/4"W x 57"H x 16"D

Oak 1 Door Pie Safe with Drawer
26"W x 49"H x 14"D
Available with glass, wood, tin or copper (as shown above) inserts in doors.
You can have either a porcelain knob or a wooden knob.

 White Elm Quarter Mission Grid
28"W x 36"H x 17"D

White Elm Horizontal Half Mission Grid
48"W x 36"H x 17"D

White Elm Vertical Half Mission Grid
28"W x 60"H x 17"D

Full Mission Grid Bookcase
48"W x 60"H x 17"D
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